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Praise, Vilification, & Innuendo

Feedback, Comments, Reviews, Critique, and Margin Notes

Opinions about the opinionated SEO glossary

"The uncluttered interface is as refreshing as a faceful of Jean Naté."

Ednor Therriault, Montana

"Love the definitions. The idea of the race to the bottom [see content is king and meta SEO] is depressing. It's as if we're the ones who don't get it. The Internet is not supposed to suck."

Marius, NYC

“I was Yelpholed recently! Luckily realized it was nonsense. But now I have a word for it! It’s funny, and also has a deeper layer of commentary about the internet. Of course, it’s also about all of us as human beings because we’re the ones who created it!”

Annabelle, Montana

“That's pretty damn good. How much is it worth to you for me to run searches a few times a day from different IP addresses and then browse your site, clicking on a bunch of internal links to demonstrate engagement?"

Goatee Evil Twin Marius, Mirror Universe NYC

“I’m digging the relaxed nature of it!  «Martian porn site…»  🤣”

David McGraw, USA  

The headline on this page is a tribute to film critic John L. Wasserman and to his book of brilliant, biting, eloquent, and hilarious critiques:

Praise, Vilification, & Sexual Innuendo, Or, How to be a Critic

The Selected Writings of John L. Wasserman (1964-1979)

(The subtitle of this page is an SEO joke, a bit of a  pun and a riff on the SEO glossary term: "keyword stuffing".)

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