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meta SEO

Content which is about SEO.

meta SEO

Content in the form of blog posts, online magazine articles, discussion forum posts and comments — and soon, podcasts — which is both concerning the topic of SEO and also intended as fodder for The Algorithm.

Meta SEO content often has the primary purpose of boosting visibility of a brand, SEO consultant, or SEO web design company, in The Index. It might or might not appear to also have the distant secondary purpose to inform any potential reader about the ostensible topic, SEO. That's why so much of the content in the top dozen search results about anything related to SEO appears incomplete, rushed, sloppy, inadequate, deceptive, or simply uninteresting.Search terms related to SEO are probably among the most competitive in the entire index.

The dominance of schlock in these search results might be an indication that The Algorithm struggles to identify quality content over keyword mashups. In other topic areas The Algorithm seems to do a better job, however, so this might merely be an indication of an industry which has largely become distorted.

Has the extreme competitive nature of the SEO market resulted in a race to the bottom?

Marketing practices for SEO services and meta SEO content itself may have become corrupted by devaluing authenticity, integrity, and quality, in favor of a strategy of overwhelming the index by attrition through spamming, content spinning, and the mathematics of back links from bot-managed link farms.It’s also possible that these dismal strategies aren’t even merely sufficient, but optimal.

Perhaps the low quality of marketing content in this field is a harbinger, perfectly honed by extraordinarily intense competition, and this phenomenon will spread and eventually become dominant in all of marketing.

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