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predatory SEO business model whereby websites in niche markets (where competition for keywords is low) are surrounded by highly promoted garbage sites to siphon off advertising click revenue


The predatory practice of using SEO analytic techniques to identify niche markets where profitibility of an advertising revenue based website has been demonstrated, and then setting up several low quality, information-free websites stuffed with keywords and advertisements, in order to siphon off the clicks and the associated revenue stream.

In recent years The Algorithm has gotten a bit better at recognizing these garbage spam sites, but the parasitic practice, much like email spam, has such a low cost that it persists. The cost to produce high quality content in service of a market niche will likely always be higher than the cost of surrounding such a site with garbage spam sites to pilfer the ad revenue.

Saavy writers and bloggers often protect their identity when discussing SEO in community forums, so as to slightly obscure their niche.

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