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evergreen content

content which remains relevant over long periods of time, not tied to current events, transcending fads

evergreen content

Subject matter which remains useful to people over a period of years, rather than hours or days, deliverd in some form which is discoverable and indexable by The Algorithm.

Typically this takes the form of articles for online magazines, blog posts, certain discussion forum comments, and may even include posts on social media platforms, such as Twitter (i.e. those which allow posts to be indexed by The Agorithm).

Articles about a football match on a particular day might be very popular the next day, but rapidly decay into irrelevance. Thoughtful, well written, and not too lengthy articles about human psychological motivations, how to perform a particular task in a programming language, or opinion pieces about the music of popular bands, for example, might remain relevant for decades.

This SEO Jargon File (SEO Glossary) is intended to be evergreen content. The principles of search engine optimization tend not to change much. Particulars do change from time to time, such as voice medium (podcasts) becoming indexable content. If we update this glossary as new terms come into popular use, this document could remain relevant to people learning about SEO for years to come.

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