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an open-source, component based, asynchronous framework for building websites, sponsored by Google


A web component framework built according to a carefully considered set of design principles to facilitate web design which places the highest emphasis on the user experience. Only asynchronous Javascript is allowed into the project framework. This requirement prevents Javascript from blocking early layout during page loading.

AMP website pages are designed to work well with large scale Internet cache systems, notably Cloudflare AMP, to facilitate very fast page load speeds.

The AMP framework comprises three components: modules for building web page layouts in AMP HTML, resource loading support in AMP Javascript, and performance acceleration support in AMP caches.

Originally an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, websites built with the framework support desktop systems, too, and are not specific only to mobile devices. As of 2019 the expansion of the acronym is no longer used by Google or by the open source community involved in the project.

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